How do you describe yourself as an equestrian? 

I describe myself as a horseman. To me, horsemanship is a language that transcends all disciplines. It is about the communication between horse and rider, and the never-ending quest to educate oneself to communicate more effectively with horses. This is the base of all of my goals and dreams in the horse world.
What do you enjoy about being an equestrian of color?
Black is beautiful, and I love the skin that I am in. Wherever you go as an equestrian of color you stand out. We are in a unique place in time right now where all eyes are on us. We have always been here, but it’s our chance to shine
What challenges have you faced as an equestrian of color?
It can be hard to be the one percent that looks different when you go places. To look around and see no one else that looks like you, while being stared at… it’s hard. The microaggressions you face can make you feel like you don’t belong, and so can the blatant racist remarks. These are all things I hope that will have repercussions in the future.
 What words of encouragement would you have for other equestrians of color or people of color considering becoming equestrians?
Different is beautiful. Stay and stand strong. The world is beginning to change more rapidly than you know. Support systems are actively being put into place as we speak to level the playing field and create a brighter future for all of us as well as the next generation.
From Kirstie Jones, with Kirstie Marie Photography:
Brianna Noble is a black horsewoman from Oakland, California using her love of horses as a medium to inspire positivity. While attending a protest against police brutality in Oakland, Brianna rose to global fame when she was photographed riding the streets on her Appaloosa gelding “Dapper Dan” carrying the words “Black Lives Matter” on his hip. In 2020, Brianna started a program called Humble, an equine program in her hometown dedicated to reaching youth from disenfranchised communities. For more information, please visit Mulatto Meadows.