While the Equestrians of Color Project has the mission to amplify stories of Equestrians of Color stories through the lens of photographers, there are many other resources available to photographers, and individuals seeking personal change. We've collected these additional links below, however, we encourage you to check back as we will continue adding to this page as the conversation continues to evolve and grow.

Resources for Equestrians of Color

In addition to the stories we amplify as part of the EOCP, there are other organizations and resources available to help support and aid the POC community in the equestrian world. Below are a few we've collected:

Scholarships and Grants for Equestrians of Color

Becoming a more diverse equestrian community will take many pathways. Finances are an important path to take into account when becoming an equestrian. While there are many scholarships available to equestrians, below are a few that we have gathered for EOC specifically.

Resources for Photographers

We encourage all photographers hoping to aid in the anti-racist narrative to read through the below resources. Whether you're a participating ally as part of the EOCP or a photographer ready to lend your voice to an EOC within your community, these articles will help you gain an understanding of how to approach this topic with sensitivity, awareness, and integrity.

Resources for Anti-Racism

It is our hope you've arrived to the EOCP out of a desire for change and increased awareness within your own community. These resources below are recommended for those seeking a deeper understanding on systemic racism and implicit bias.